Sometimes I don’t know where I am


Or out

For a moment,

Caught in a memory

Wondering if it is real 

Or was

Caught in a moment

For a Memory

Wondering if was real.

Sometimes audio and video come to mind

For a moment,


Deafened by it all

I wonder if it was me

A memory

A song

A television show

A movie

Or something seen …. Somewhere 

I can’t remember

I just don’t know

And for a moment that is the torture of it all…

I just don’t know

Don’t remember.

Then I awaken to the moment

THIS moment

Calmly looking around with a comforting realization,

“THIS is all that matters

NOT what I said or did in my past

NOT what others said or did in my past

The world’s past 

Or present.

NOT what some fiction was,


Or Seen

But what is NOW 

Inside me.

NOT the trail of lives I left behind me in unmarked graves

In the graveyard of my mind

But the trail of healed lives

Healed memories 

Healed SELF

I will create 

And live

From this…… MOMENT FORWARD. 

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