Today I was driving home after work when someone almost hit me. I had the right of way and there was a merging of traffic. I stayed in my lane to (ironically) avoid a chance of hitting someone. I had a car on my right side and fortunately nobody directly behind me. I hit the brakes just enough to avoid hitting them and let them go forward. No horn honked. They KNEW they had almost hit me. I think my squealing tires may have been heard. I calmed down and slowly got into the left lane I wanted to. They hung back behind me then they slowly moved up to my right. I was calming myself with my “shit happens” mantra and thinking too that it could have been ME doing the stupid like they did. 

The car came up equal to my right side. Drivers window down. The driver leaned over and yelled that he was “sorry” he almost hit me! He said, “I want to apologize!” I yelled at him smiling, “shit happens!” And laughed. He looked sheepish. I gave him first a thumbs up and then a peace sign and made sure by doing so I did not hit anyone with the distraction. As he passed me again later, I flashed the peace sign. 

Despite almost getting side swiped and missing being so by mere inches, I felt GOOD because I had encountered someone that had SEEN they had done a stupid or careless act and then found it in themselves to have the HONOR TO APOLOGIZE!

Continuing on my way home, I looked for an opportunity to pay it forward. Feeling a bit foolish too wanting to find someone I could do a good thing to. 

Maybe tomorrow… 😉

Honorable people are rarities to me. Now matter what happened, I am inspired and grateful meeting them. 

(I think though, I’ll look for another route home tomorrow…) 😉

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