There are times in my present 

In present years

I feel moments of vivid memories

Of places


Mainly paths I walked on when young. 

There are flashes of memory like I am THERE

My consciousness floating along with someone ON that path.

Sometimes I remember how so long ago 



Riding a bike on a road

A path

Some place

I felt my hair rising up with fear 


Of some … Presence with me

A Ghost perhaps but…

What ghost?

WHOSE ghost?

Walking some path with me

Matching me step by step 

Breathing in my lungs with me

Silent in my thoughts

Feeling my heart beat 

And I … trying to feel a Mind Beat in that Presence beside me

Behind me

Trying to be Inside me.

Looking back now I understand who and what that ghost was with me so long ago

That Mind Beat sent back feel a heart beat of youth

That mutual bewilderment as THIS mind,

Remembering some past random moment 

In some past random place

Connected with that younger self



Running and flying along…

At first frightened then that odd sense of familiarity

And familiarity to come

A fond welcoming…

Oh self In time…

I am with you

I was with you

There was no god

No devil no … ghost…

It was only I


Unstuck in time

A mind beat reaching back

Caressing a youthful heart beat in Our time. 

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