When we are young 

Full of strength and Power

Subconsciously or consciously

We feel we are Super Heroes

Riding a bike we may fly


The road no end

Our legs immortal

As immortal as we may believe we are


A great mercifully unknown to us. 

When I became a young adult

I got a job in a factory working hard




Working hard



Injured often bleeding



Bruised and battered 

Yet like a Super hero,

Give me a day

Give me a few weeks to recover from surgery

And all was fine

Do it again 

Over and over…

Just as strong just as … indomitable


Still that kid flying on a bicycle.

Old now,

I do the same factory work

I have fallen numerous times 

Body parts crushed bruised torn but not yet Broken

Exhausted after 4 days not 5

Bleeding more when cut

A mass of pain for days after an injury slowly healing   ……. Yet,

In my subconscious and sometimes Conscious Self

I am still that super hero kid flying as I ride a bike

Run forever with tireless legs and lungs

Inside that comes to me

Get up you concussed too many times old bastard,

You’re old

Full of pain

But still…

Still inside a super hero child riding the wind 

Into the wind

Of a fading body

Fading ego… 

(Get-up old man… 

“Get-up you old bastard” says the immortal super hero child

“We’re going to run again once the bleeding

The bruising

The fatigue passes,

Come on old man… I’ll carry you…

Running with you in my arms…

Into the night of your last fall”)











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