On Veterans Day,  trump will have a military parade. It is my belief that the best way to counter  a military parade that would seem to celebrate death and destruction and NOT honoring Veterans, is to have a counter parade: A PEACE PARADE. My generation that now ruins the USA had (ironically) PEACE MARCHES to protest the Vietnam war. A war trump and others in his administration were able to get out of serving in. Bolton, a war monger is one of them. Since trump loves to play the entertainer like some ancient Roman emperor throwing games for the people, the People could out-do him with a more ENTERTAINING event than a military parade. Something joyful, that at the same time honors veterans and embraces them, welcoming them HOME as so many did… welcoming them home with peace, compassion, empathy and healing. A Peace parade to try to avoid any more of their comrades, sons and daughters dying in another futile stupid war as we keep on having… as we had with Vietnam.  Trump and his regime would love to send more Americans off to another war (it would seem to me). Perhaps with a Peace parade, we can in some small measure forestall that and have a world with fewer Veterans. Fewer widows, orphans and people ruined by the effects of war in body and mind. What epic schadenfreude to ruin trumps authoritarian chest thumping with an alternate parade celebrating all that is good, calling for and encouraging a peaceful USA and world.

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