As I write this, I am in the first 12 hours of my second 24 hour fast. I had a good breakfast then did not eat for 24 or more hours. The first fast was 26. I drink plenty of water. It is not a big thing unless you make it so. 

I am making it a big thing by writing about it. 😉

I find that a good way to fast is to start it on a Friday morning and end it the same time or later the next day. Work a day then rest and sleep. Drink plenty of water. Half cups every half hour or so. I was doubtful about any positive effects from the fasting thing the first time I did it. I had read about how GOOD it is for a person. There were warnings in research about hunger pangs and temptations to eat. How to deal with it. I find it is a very energizing thing to do. 

A comforting simple thing is to not think it IS a big thing to go around 24 hours without eating. It is interesting to observe the desires and thoughts that rise up about food. For lunch I took a chair nap. BEFORE lunch I saw the habitual thought of, “ah lunch soon! Get to eat and oh wait I don’t”. That anticipation of filling myself. Tasting food. Just that ANTICIPATION that came and went was interesting. Challenging. Replace the food with a nap. Break a habit for a day. I got home from work feeling energetic after working in a clear minded energetic way. NOT eating does that to me. I OBSERVED my mind. Was I making errors at work? Feeling run-down and tired from lack of food?


I put food out of my mind. When I get home from work my past habit would be to eat a little snack. Have been cutting that back to a piece of fruit so that today I got home from work and salivated over a banana – and laughed at myself. THAT is a trick to do: Put all food out of sight until you are ready to eat. I erred with leaving the nice ripe delicious looking bananas out (STOP THINKING AND WRITING ABOUT IT!) Out of sight out of mind. 

Except for not eating, life is a normal Friday night for me: Clean my clothes, do some house cleaning. Rest. Watch a movie. Look at how I feel by breaking that scheduled food habit.

Tomorrow after I get up, eat a LITTLE AT A TIME. I plan on yogurt and a banana. Little bit of brown rice. LOW GLYCEMIC. Coffee to avoid that killer headache from withdrawal caffeine withdrawal. Fruit an hour or 2 later. Lunch, whatever my normal is. 

The fast is a gift to my digestion. Hey you have been working hard! Takes some time off, digestion! Relax and do not work so hard for a few hours. As I understand it, the liver dips into the fat stores of my body and uses some of that. Not an extreme thing but a little for weight loss. It seems good for the mind as I have read. Good for the brain. After last weeks first fast, I felt more energetic, healthy and alert all week. Need to be sure to get enough sleep. I think I saved a couple dollars on food too 😉

I have seen no negative effects while or from fasting. It’s all good – literally. Some people can have too high of expectations, I think. Maybe I did at first. Small weight loss but I HAVE kept it off. The mental challenge is enjoyable. That feeling of, yeah I did that. I CAN go without. It gives me a greater appreciation for food. I do not do any cleansing. The liver does that naturally. 

One great lesson for me is thinking about food. How people obsess about it and yet we do not need as much as we think we often do. We do not need the stupid unhealthy but tastes good stuff. When fasting, I think about such simple foods that can keep me ALIVE and I appreciate them more. That and just having enough food TO eat when so many are not fasting but STARVING!

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