At work today I started a conversation with a customer buying several items. I told him about some of our product and that I had done all the inspection on one product line. I mentioned that SOME of our product is parts made in China and assembled in our factory. This man scowled and said “I hate Chinese!” I gave a weird WTF smile and asked why. He said that A CHINESE MAN had once called him a “honky”. I had to laugh and asked incredulously, “A CHINESE CALLED YOU THAT?” He nodded, about to dig in. I turned to humor and said that I have always thought the word, “honky” was kind of funny. I also refer to myself as a “cracker” or because I am an OLD white person, a “STALE cracker!” He laughed at that and left. 

The encounter made me think: This man got called a “honky” by 1 “chinese” person that was probably not even “Chinese”. Probably an “Asian” because it is very difficult to look at ANY person and figure out WHERE they came from. Hey, my white ass could have been born in Botswana! Who knows? To meet just ONE PERSON of a race or group and hate ALL OF THEM because of what ONE said is insane to me. 

I believe that if I told a Chinese friend about the incident, THAT person would refer to the honky labeler and the honky ER! I mean sort of Beige American man as being IGNORANT AND STUPID. I would agree. 

I have people next door to me that emigrated here from Mexico. They can be loud and obnoxious but for me to HATE ALL MEXICANS for their being that way would make me … an asshole 😉 Because I have had WORSE beige Americans  living next door on the other side a few years ago. So… should I hate BEIGE AMERICANS because 1 family of them were monstrously rude and noisy?


I think instead of hating people for a race or where they come from I will just use an all encompassing label for them: “Assholes and Idiots”. 2 of my favorite labels. You find them everywhere and yeah I mean EVERYWHERE. 

I believe that in the past year since trump became president it’s much easier to openly call someone a …. “Chink”  because yeah ok they called you a, “Honky”. 

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