I sometimes whimsically think that we are all born with a tool box but with only the most basic tools of our genes and DNA included. The rest is what WE find. What WE CHOOSE to put in it or not. We often put things in that box that don’t work for fixing things in ourselves and our lives. It is often trial and error. The things we learn in formal schooling are often like a baffling useless pile of instructions for a machine that only half works: That world around us. 

We have that box like your ordinary work person but we don’t often realize we have it. For much of our lives we just takes things and throw them inside and somehow they find their way into that box. The one a floor or two down from that toy box in the attic of our minds 😉

We listen to love songs, watch romance films and put them in our tool box and think, “ah this will fix it! It seems to be right in songs and movies! Those artists must be some wise folks to make some things so many like. Then we find…

Damn those songs and movies are all bullshit!

We take them and toss them out of our tool box. 

We listen to friends and family about life, school work and relationships. Some of us read books or “self help” manual books and toss this stuff in our box. Then later, bruised a bit inside we glower at something that was not a good tool and toss it out, where like a bad memory or a computer file it is either hidden up in the mind attic or put in the trash to be deleted. 

Some of us try religion or RELIGIONS and think, “ah hah! Found the answer!” and toss a bunch of religious works into the Box. Then later, (as I found) disillusioned and disgusted, take them out and toss them out. Same with philosophies. Finally we find that manual or manuals; those tools that we feel … WORK for us in life. 

We all seem to be charged at birth with being self-mechanics. Here you go! You are BORN! Now learn how to FIX the machine you are! 

Many constantly look for others to be their mechanics. Sometimes some will never admit that that machine is NOT working and no need for a toolbox to fix it because THEY are always o…. k…. 

In a recent troubled time I thought, “tool box” and that sonofabitch appeared inside! WOW COOL! Got me a box full of tools I can use. A box I started long ago putting things in and taking them out to use or discard. Hmmm hurting yourself… not a tool. It’s a turd that fell into this box! Toss it out! Hurting others… whoa! Another turd but this one on fire! Throw it away and delete that one! 

Tools in the box are what works and work to fix that machine we are and are in life. 

You know how you take a car to a mechanic because it is not working right? That funny noise it makes in the engine? They don’t let that car leave until the source of the noise is fixed. So it is I think with ourselves. We have that machine inside this body machine and when things are broken or messed-up, there are noises it makes. WE make in mind and emotion. Sometimes some insulation of DENIAL thrown over it to muffle the sound. A good mechanic won’t let that machine leave the repair shop until the noises are gone or quieted. So it is with our minds: We work on them or TRY to using all the tools in the box or even the garage or shed. 

I have known people that had exhausted their tool box and had to borrow others or simply gave up fixing things and threw the tool box out with their mind in it. At times I felt I had lost mine such as in times of depression (like recently) then … Whoa! Found that sucker! Back in business again!

I have realized that no matter how low and lost you go in life, got to remember WE ALL HAVE A TOOL BOX INSIDE. Most of the time something useful in there. If not, go rummage in life and find tools that fit you for the fixin’ and fit in the box for another day. 

Recently thinking about this, I have looked inside, in their and at age 62 had to SMILE about what a nice full box I have of useful things. 

I have realized too that unconsciously I have gone up into my attic at times, opened the toy box of broken toys and fixed a few so I can face my past and present and lessen the noise of that engine so that yeah it’s plenty safe to drive this vehicle out of the repair shop for some nice journeys in life. 

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