In mind 

I often feel eternally young

Yet beset 



By the ghost of an old man with my Face.

The ghost was not always there

It was a face that slowly grew

With age


Pressure on mind and body slightly bending my back

Wrestling with my mind


And Attitudes.

I often see that ghost forcing his spectral hands inside me

I shake


Twist and RAGE

To push him away…

“Leave me alone old man

Oh Age

I am young eternally young inside…”

“Yes” He whispers…

“That may be so inside but look…

Look what my grasp has done to your body

Look at what my bullying of your flesh has done!

Look in the mirror and see my face!”

“I see and feel what you have done to me 

I resist you

I fight you

I damn you to distance me

And when I look in the mirror, 

I DON’T see your face!

I see that mind’s eye view 

Of that young man NOT grown OLDER

But simply wiser…

Weaker and weakening in body 

Still young in mind and heart

Stronger in heart and soul … and still … forever young. 

Others may see me as the old man I see in the ghost assaulting me

A ghost I fight every day 

Every moment

Yet when I die

Your face will not be Mine:

When I am dying and dead, 

I know people will be heard to say, “my, but he looks so YOUNG in death…”””

My youth … pouring out of me, 

Released and free from that battle with the ghost of an aging self. 

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