Friday night the world could have ended or started to end because the USA has an idiot for a leader. Regretfully or gratefully, people were more concerned about tabloid bullshit like pee tapes, crooked attorneys and porn stars that fucked an idiot. 

That night I did a freak-out about the IDEA of ANY US bombing of Syria. Why? BECAUSE as so many do not understand, IF the US forces were to kill Russian forces, they would attack US forces and as Mattis and his generals know so well, it would be an escalation, a tit for tat that would probably lead to a nuclear war. The majority of Americans AND OTHERS do not understand that whole “nuclear war” thing. Many just think of a few little bombs like those that were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima that killed ROUGHLY OVER 200,000 people. The lucky one’s were those closest to the blast. Those nukes WERE LITTLE BOMBS COMPARED TO WHAT WE HAVE NOW! There seems an assumption by many that many would survive a nuclear blast. Oh the OTHER guys would get it but not them.


The nukes now are … big. City destroyers. IF the USA and Russia were to go to war with nuclear weapons it would be an extinction event. Nobody would sit back and say oh have we destroyed enough of you guys? No it would be a full on shoot all your wad event. Cities destroyed and then fallout destroying countries of the combatants AND the world. 

IF 2 idiot countries like India and Pakistan were to have a nuclear war, it would most likely be enough radiation released to create a nuclear winter that few if any would survive.

So you see, a little bit of general knowledge about such things can scare the crap out of a person. Then you shrug and say ok “death by idiots”.

THAT brings me to the relevance of TRUMP. Here we have a tweeting IDIOT. A person of very limited intellect and unstable temperament. THIS is a person that wanted to shoot the shit out of Syria because of A use of chemical weapons use on their population. The leader of Turkey made a comment something like, hey after 7 years of hundreds of thousands dying by all ways you suddenly give a damn about 1 chemical weapons use? Where the hell were you for 7 years?

People are STUPID about Syria. They run on ignorance and stupidity I BELIEVE. Assad WON the civil war. It is all a matter of mop-up operations. He is also CLEVER about having Russian allies. The Russians want a few bases in that area so they support Assad. For Assad, from the Russians he gets weapons, technology AND… human shields.


He knows damned well that the USA and NATO countries are NOT going to or PURPOSELY try to kill Russians and so he has them sprinkled around so that they DO NOT blow the shit out of what is left of Syria TO blow the shit out of. Russian bodies are shields that save his ass. 

I tried to explain all this to a Chinese and Russian friend. The Chinese friend did not GET IT but the Russian POLITELY did. That person never speaks of politics but likes to read what I say. It is not healthy to speak of politics in Russia. It may not be so for Americans on the left in the future. 

One thing I DID try hard to convey to my friends is that THEIR leaders are SANE and SMART and the USA… well hey, WE have a very stupid emotionally unstable leader. A leader that can throw a tantrum and destroy all life on earth due to some petty perceived insult in something so immature and intellectually limited as a … twitter tweet.

I have not been so “AFRAID” of a nuclear war it is more like a soup of frustration, anger, outrage even humor… that with all the great minds on this planet that WE the great USA could be destroyed by one of the weakest stupidest many chose to lead us and became our leader through an archaic out-dated system of a democracy that no longer IS a “Democracy”. It’s like the ghost of a soldier looking back and seeing how a cowardly never seen combat before commander was responsible for killing him and so many others…

Death by someone’s stupidity. 

Ok folks… Back to concerns about pee tapes and other stupid shit associated with a stupid shit. We dodged the world’s end thanks to (IRONICALLY) the sensibilities of our own military. 

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