Some time ago I read of how this planet, all life on it and all the planets in the solar system and all the galaxies of the universe are … just a massive science experiment by other super advanced Beings. 

Or the equivalent of someone or thing’s hobby. 

This would show there is a creator or was. Maybe the creator of all this is taking notes and filing reams of data somewhere beyond us. Maybe the creator of all this died out long ago leaving this experiment or hobby to just go on and on until it dies out. Maybe it is still an ongoing thing observed by beings that are immortal.

Our size to them could be as small as a small box is for us. 

WE are the dominant specie in THIS experiment but in another such experiment or hobby maybe… DOGS are or worms or bats or fish. If our (sarcasm coming) great wise leaders blow-up this world, notes are taken and this experiment goes dark and on to the others or another. Maybe they would try again with humanity. Try to eliminate that stupid let’s kill each other gene (if there is such a thing). Maybe it has already done and those notes taken and the experiment results long ago filed away. 

The concept of Religion might be amusing to the creators and observers of us. Such a simplistic stupid destructive idea based on human psychosis and … a denial that this is IT. 

Is it possible that the Experimenters could set in motion the evolution of beings that could be as great as they are? Create themselves? Humanity had that chance. HAS that chance but what we do with nuclear weapons and our resources have shown we are NOT the stuff that would evolve to be equal to the experimenters.

We talk of UFO’s. An amusing concept. Here goes another “maybe”: MAYBE they are probes sent to gather information and then return to the experimenters with a shake of the head of, “no…they have not gone far and are running on stupid and lacking intellect but hey I DID get this hopeful sound from their 1800’s of a being called, “Beethoven” and some others by “Mahler” and the like. There is hope for these life forms THERE.”

With superior beings experimenting, they could be like a child blowing bubbles. Bubbles with the basics of life creation and evolution in them flowing out infinitely with such infinite variables. In a mini sort of way we see that in our universe: What often appears to be life-less masses of gases and minerals. Energy. With no apparent life. There could be infinite MORE such galaxies as ours that mirror us or are incomprehensibly alien to ours and us. 

Humans talk about a “God”. 

I don’t believe in it but 


There is something there…

The great Experimenter or race of BEINGS or energy force that created all this. Put the building blocks of life here and then sat back observing for what could be a few minutes to them or months or who knows what frame of time or no such thing as “time” to them. Our primal creation and evolution to NOW could be a flicker of awareness to THEM. Our own existences – all possibly 108 billion that have been born – the same as dead bacteria in a Petri dish is to us. Someone clean the dishes – that planet that had life on it just flickered out or went KA BOOM! Out. 

Maybe the concept of “god” is the great experimenter. If it is, it is a cold bastard of an experimenter. Like many scientists today. ALIEN as an alien would be. With prophets having nothing to do with them except another manfestation of the insanity that is part of being human and this life created from the building blocks of what was put into what is the equivalent of a Petri dish. 

I can imagine one of the consciousnesses that created this experiment being amused at how some beings try to communicate with them by talking to their hands or yelling at the skies… 

And others creating wonders of science and technology to try to at least show WE EXIST to them or someone or something. Repositories of what we are as humanity and the world. Our form and some samples of our greatest intellect: OUR ART, launched into space far more real and effective yet in the end probably just as ineffectual as prayers. 

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