(When I write anything, it comes from a simple thought and then flows from there. I rarely edit things. Flawed for sure, I post while the paint is still wet)


Sometimes I Miss The Insanity

Sometimes a sick yearning borne of 




Rises in me.

Sometimes in those times,

I miss the insanity.

The past whispers to me from my times and depths of distant Madness

(“Hey… been a while let’s go do some drugs”)

(“Hey, let’s play Russian roulette with a full gun! Or play with pills and a rope! Hey remember Those great times?”)


…all day all week all…

Until my life was ruined.

It’s tempting to reach back down into the purgatory of madness

Remembering it’s FAMILIARITY

Then knowing I would feel my soul grabbed 

And dragged deeper into the hell of a past Familiar insanity.

I feel the yearning then

Smile sadly

Proudly to myself.

I came along way to stand purgatory

To stomp on hell

To reach up and touch the sky I created in MY life 

A long way from a hell I created

Reaching the heavens of the NOW I created

I pull myself up into them

Often now 

When I reach down

I find and grab a hand from hell

And pull the person up with me.

(Here you go

First cloud

First step

Leave that madness behind and

Make your own heaven 

I’ll be on a distant cloud beside you

Inside you with a smile)

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