Human shaped they bottle their screams

Hide them


Insulate it beneath layers of denial

Layered lack of acceptance

That something is WRONG

Ego hiding it

Mind not accepting 

Mind not listening

Keep it bottled

Throw it into the cellar

Slam the door

Turn the lock in the key …

Walk away 

There’s nothing in there

I’m fine… 

Just fine…

I’m not the one with any problems

Any pain

You are

THEY are

But I am fine… just fine…

(But the screaming continues 

Often turning to rage





Probing at the door lock 

Pushing at key

Subconsciously trying to find a way out

To relieve the repressed celar’d pain…)

Then sometimes bursting through a door key hole bursting a lock

Blowing the cork off the bottle

Screams of mind inside turning to 

Violence of body outside 

Destroying the lives of strangers and loved one’s alike


Half controlled

Partially focused 

Killing themselves with a ruined key to their cellar door

(The smell of burned cork from a gun barrel). 

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