I know a few men that own guns. ALL of them talk about that “good guy with a gun” in shooting situations. IN MY OPINION all of them have ANGER, SANITY and STUPIDITY issues they will never deal with.

1 of these people I sort of know, has chased people with his car when he was angry at them. But he is ok: He is one of the GOOD guys with a gun. I wonder when things will escalate further. 1 guy with that anger and a gun meets another guy with anger or fear and a gun.

MOST people I know that have guns believe THEY are the GOOD GUY WITH A GUN. They will not admit to any mental illness issues. Ego or anger problems either. Nope! They are just fine and all right. The OTHER people are always fucked-up. To them I AM FUCKED UP! Because I am weak to them. Not a gun owner. Oh and I admit to being fallible and having some mental problems related to anxiety. Yeah and having a gun pointed at me would definitely give me a panic attack!


I am all for people owning a handgun for self protection AT HOME. I do not understand why anyone would want to carry one in their car or out and about unless in law enforcement or a person that likes a life of crime. Maybe a bad neighborhood or they are deeply insecure. A perception the world is full of violent BAD gun carrying people ?

SANE LEVEL HEADED MATURE RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE WITH GUNS are fine to me. Problem is, ALL or MOST gun owners would say they ARE “sane level headed mature responsible people that own guns.

AND… of course they are the GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS!

If I am ever accosted by someone with a gun I will probably do what I would honestly realistically do: NOT be a hero. Beg for my life and the lives of others. I would probably be a weak SOB for sure. Maybe I would get shot by the bad gun owner or worse, shot by combat weapons ignorant good guy gun owner full of machismo, mental illness, ego, stupidity and no sense of HOW to use guns in extreme conflict situations. Few do. Cops and military personnel do.

I think I’ll live without guns and hope NOBODY with a gun wants me dead. Or something I own worth killing me for to them. (Oh my collection of opera and classical music? Sure take it…. Honored to find a classical music loving criminal. With a gun).

When someone brags about being a “good guy with a gun” analyze them and ask yourself if they look sane enough to own a gun. Anger issues? Likes to yell a lot? You know damned well if asked if they are the GOOD person with a gun, their Ego will say, “of course I am!”.

Don’t believe it 😉

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