I gave up trying to ambitiously lose weight. NOW I try to live in a low budget or budget friendly dietary way that will not make my health bad. Such as eating all that crap my mind and tongue love. It’s merely elimination. Sustenance over Desire and Want.

I often laugh about all the special diets Americans have. Diets that cost so much. I think about the many times I have looked at the jar of peanut butter and hoped it would get me through a week of lunches.


Oh yeah and cheap protein like eggs.

I eat very little meat simply because damn that stuff can be expensive. Also not that good for health. A little, fine.

Sometimes I reflect on those with very little to eat. That old “clean your plate children are starving in China” thing from childhood. Fortunately my parents never said that. I get the idea. Appreciate what you have to eat because some poor bastard has much less. Such as famines in North Korea or other places. People eating grass. Hey what a diet! The North Korean Famine diet!

I know some families will say a prayer of thanks at meals for what they have. Good idea but without the prayer. A momentary contemplation. A mindful moment about sustenance.

Starving or genuinely HUNGRY can’t give a damn about gluten in their food. At times I am the same way: JUST LET ME EAT TO STAY ALIVE!

Over the years I have had coworkers that have at times told me they have nothing to eat for lunch. BUT! They have cigarettes to smoke!

As I write this I am eating oatmeal banana and chia seed. The Chia seed is a bit expensive but simple foods all. I am thankful I have this to eat. I may have to buy more oatmeal this week. Gratefully when I do.

Returning to that initial humor for me about food, I and millions of others will be pleased we HAVE enough to SURVIVE on this week. Yet others will obsess about having this or that in their DIETS for fine tuned health.

Some eat to live…
Some I think, eat for Ego.

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