Ahhh Spring!

For many it means warm weather and fun times.
For me it means…
The man next door playing his damned radio out in his shed loud enough so I put head phones on. Oh and his ankle biter in thirds, rat, dog and lizard animal was out barking on his porch. Pocket dog. I wonder if they put the dog in their pockets and after it shits they forget it was there then reach in for a piece of candy, grab a tiny turd and pop it in their mouthes.

Oh I wish….

The lawn fanatic a few houses down is already showing the earth and lawn who is boss. His lawnmower is probably cringing dreading his taloned touch. I think if he could he would probably try to fuck his lawn. Yeah, I can see it now… old skinny man on his face pelvis pounding against the green moaning… oh wait that would mess up the lawny perfection of it!

Then there is that fat horrible woman at the corner who sits on her porch with her special laboratory created hyper idiot lobotomized mutts constantly barking as she smokes and holds court with all the other idiots that are similar.

Ahhhh Spring!

Winter does something to car radios: Freezes them quieter. With warmer weather and open windows those sound systems blare loud! Especially odd where I live are all the hispanics that drive with what sounds to ME like … Mexican Polka?

I don’t understand how people rejoice in sitting around sweating and baking in the sun. The honky folks lay out in the sun like suicidal beached whales trying to look like the folks of color they so secretly desire to be. But without the good rhythm.

In the factory the fans blow dust and hot air around. I get so hot I mutter and teeter about to fall at times then mentally curse myself to stay up and stagger for the water bottle. Maybe the best part of summer is hearing people in air conditioned buildings complain about how hot it is IN their air conditioned spaces.

Ahhhhh Spring and Summer…

It used-to be so fine to wear so little to show off that great body I once had. Now I feel like a pervert if my legs show. COVER THOSE KNOBBY LIMBS YOU FREAKY OLD GUY!


Shirtless outside my home you will never see me.
These days.

Night time becomes my time to come to life. Be a shadow or invisible. To feel the noisy hot world become LESS so and find some respite from all that heat and noise so many look forward to and love.

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