Sometimes Walking, A Desire To Be A Robot Walking
Never tiring
Never stopping except to converse with people I meet
Or the simple wonders of humanity and nature I see.

To walk
Senses open
Sensors collecting
Examining all I see hear smell and sometimes taste
Pausing a moment for cooking smells
Shutting off systems passing industrial
Solar panels collecting energy
A curiosity
A drive to know
And slowly experience the road
The paths ahead.

Passing bits of garbage,
Pausing to take it in
Saving the energy for night walk
Another rich experience
Such different sounds
Lack of sounds

Sometimes Walking, A Desire To Be A Robot Walking
A Humanoid Robot
Able to pass as Human
To meet thousands of common people
Hear their stories
Experience a small part of who they are for a moment
A richness
A wealth that moves me to walk until there are no more roads
People or life.

How wonderful it would be to be…
A healing Robot
To reach down to a pick up a dead animal
Hold it
Caress it
Sing my fingers over the lifeless
Bringing it back to life
Then letting it go.

To meet humans as a mysterious healing robot
To hear their stories
Their pains
Feel their sickness and infirmities,
Then touching them with a very human smile,
Heal them…
And leave them wondering how did it happen
As I disappear over the horizon.

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