It is funny at work, the minor epidemic.
2 men that had been off for a couple days came in and immediately compared symptoms. I, being the first to catch the flu and NOT pass it on was nodding as sagely as I could hearing them and previously hearing others. When my boss had the bug I commiserated with him and we compared symptoms and best treatments. BOTH of the men that came in today were too sick to work so they went back home. BEFORE Brian went back home, I advised him to NOT SMOKE AND DRINK while getting through this. He joked about “Hot toddies” and like a stern parent (I am old enough to be his father) admonished him NOT to drink those! I went over and over how to be sick and heal and he was a bit taken aback. I told him I was telling him all this good usable advice BECAUSE DAMMIT I CARED! I think that last part made the big impact. I hope.

I found out that Patient Zero was a woman in the office. The women in the office have been handling this flu better than the men. Only 3 people have not had it. Maybe shit luck or super immune. The company owner is at a loss as to WHY people are so sick they have to go home. When or IF he gets it he may understand. Hey Tom? If you are sneak reading this, no offense man. Just need to understand that this seasons flu is a body slammer. That seems to be the prevailing feeling: It is as-if a big nasty bug ran you over and kept you down after sucking the life out of you for about 6 days or more. Average 4 days of fever. I talk about it so much because hey! That sonofabitch did not KILL this old bastard! HOORAH! 😉



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