In early/mid February I had the flu for 2 week. I took 4 days off from work in part because I was feverish for 4 days and did not want to give anyone else the flu. I knew the contagious timing of it and felt GREAT that nobody got the flu from ME. A matter of conscience that I was not the cause of any coworkers feeling bad.
Friday I noticed my boss looking bad. He was shaking and wearing a coat all the time. Like I had been doing when I got the flu. He asked me about what I had gone through and we went through a checklist of symptoms. Yes! You have the flu! He took Monday off and came in for a 1/2 day today still fighting a fever. I figure 4 or 5 days is normal. Yesterday a worker in the office gone. Today the same. Yesterday a shop worker felt bad and today he did not come in. Ironically THAT worker had said that if I had come in sick HE would have gone home (when I had the flu) to avoid getting it from me! I think he and the other guy can blame my boss for the flu now. Another worker that said he NEVER gets sick is feeling sick. To shut him up bitching about it at the end of the day, I told him the symptoms and it is NOT LIKE A COLD! Headache, sinuses, coughing and then you feel like you got body slammed and hard to walk. Ok sounds like Jim the man that never gets sick has the flu. My boss said that more people will get the flu. He HAS to come in and keep the factory running. I shrugged and laughed and told him that despite the flu shot I had expected to get the flu and did. All part of life. My boss does not care and he cannot. He needs to keep that company running and … most people here (in the USA) will probably get the flu due to it being an epidemic. At work, it is funny and weird to see how an epidemic works: The bodies keep falling day by day it seems. I am amazed at the ignorance of my coworkers laughing about flu shots. Yeah it did not work THIS year but it probably saved me in past years.
I do feel a bit smug when I see the bodies falling and think: “It wasn’t me!” 😉 I have pain killers with me at work and offer them to anyone. I also advise them to drop that macho shit and just take care of yourself!

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