The thing we teens of THAT TIME did NOT want to do was carry any kind of assault rifle. At that time, it meant that the person carrying such a thing would have gone through school and been scared shitless in a distant place called Vietnam. Guns at home were not a big thing back then. Hunting and yes safely put away hand guns. I don’t recall anyone bringing the damned things to school. My generation OF THAT TIME protested that we were sent off to use assault weapons for legitimate purposes that they were meant for: KILLING ENEMY COMBATANTS!

Not each other.

Now I find it disgusting to see that so many of my generation that grew-up fearing the Draft and going off to use assault weapons (and bigger things) and having them used on us, have no qualms about supporting gun makers. The NRA – an organization that supports the right for people to own and use weapons of many lives destruction. The same people that probably shit themselves fearing having to wade a rice paddy with an M-16 got themselves out of that with bone spurs and support the ownership and use of weapons they once dreaded having to use.

In defense of my generation, we are fading out of politics and new younger and possibly dumber politicians are rising in the Right. It is my sincere wish that even younger people will become politicians and end the insanity of assault weapon protections and adorations and save even younger generations and … themselves… Their Conscience.





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