Return Them To 3

Somehow I started getting sent emails from something called, “Pinterest” – a site where people post photos and pictures. Visual media. Pinterest would send me suggestions of things I might like. At first it was World War I and II things because I had somehow somewhere clicked a link about such things. I started to look at the suggestions. It became something of a morbid fascination because people were posting photos of WAR. Every damned war. Death and destruction. People killed and in some cases people BEING killed. With some guilt I looked at the photos of the dead and those being killed. For example, holocaust photos. Inmates and guards dying in camps before and after liberation. Executions. Dead soldiers. People more than 70 year dead. Grainy black and white photos of messes that were once living humans. Lumps of what could be clay with clothing on the ground. People are allowed to comment about such photos and often I have found some very sick anti this or that hateful comments … ABOUT THE DEAD! I am sure the comments are from very young people. I find it disgusting. Yet for a while I felt some guilt for looking at the photos. FASCINATED BY THEM. I have come to realize there is nothing to feel guilty about because I have found a way to use them to HUMANIZE MYSELF MORE.


1 way of doing this is to see a person in an old photo. No matter alive at the time or dead. No matter civilian or combatant good guy or bad guy. What I do is look at the PERSON and SEE THEM AS SUCH. A wonderful trick of the heart humanizing is to….

Return them to 3.

Imagine that person at that wonderful innocent age of 3.
Before they became a civilian victim.
A soldier.
A politician.
Imagine them loved by someone by a parent or some relative.
Imagine them liked or loved by a playmate.

Hate and cruelty is a LEARNED behavior. I try to imagine what someone MAY have been had something happened in their life to make them step this way… or that but NOT in the direction that put them in grainy old photos… alive or dead when photographed.

When we were all…. Age 3.

Returning a person to 3 is magical to me. I can take a breath and instead of being angry I can, with some imagination return someone to 3 and feel a shared innocence.

I suggest you try it.

To see someone in an old photo, alive or dead but dead NOW and think of how they were at age 3
To see a politician you may feel anger for NOW … in your mind as they were at age 3.

The most horrible person you or anyone else can feel rage and hate about in the present or past… shared so much with you when THEY and YOU were 3. Go back in time and place and share some play time with them.

How wonderful too it would be if we could go back in time to a moment when someone became broken inside and turned to hate and find a way to change them to not hate and create pain for others.

To go back in time… ah but that is another fantasy.

For now…. Let us Return THEM To 3.

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