Last week, a coworker quit. He has talked about it for a long time. He quit after a big argument with the owner of the company. I could see it coming for a long time. He just could not shut-up. No humility. I told him a few times just shut-up and put-up. He would not. When he was full of stress and angry he would talk crazy and yell at people. My coworkers and I thought him both annoying and amusing that way.

Today I noticed something missing at work. I had to think about it then realized it was Don’s big mouth. His yelling. His angry sounding jokes that were rarely funny. I thought to myself, “THIS is how I remember him?”


It also made me wonder how people will remember me.
How will I remember so many I know and HAVE known?
What are we remembered for and how are we remembered?
Good or bad?
Positive or negative?

Writing this, I recall the film, A CHRISTMAS CAROL. The ghost of Christmas future takes Scrooge to hear what people say about him and it is painful. I think we all wonder what others will be said about us when we are gone from life, a job, a relationship or any other “gone”.

It is perhaps a vain thought.
I have wondered about it more and more as I get older. It is a motivation to BE a better person for my vanity and ego 😉

I truly hope for “good old Scott!”
And not, “that sonofabitch!”


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