Oh how casually we now talk of shootings
Beware any crowded place
Beware the freaky looking person
Or the psycho in hiding behind that normalcy mask
Beware the impatient bitch in the grocery store
Beware pissing someone off in traffic for fear of Road rage.

It’s become the new normal
Beyond impotent thoughts and prayers
Talk and shares
Marches and screaming at corrupt NRA paid politicians.

Morbidly we wonder:
Whose next?
How many next?
We wonder if there is some sick fuck out there stroking his gun
Reading the news
Dreaming of fame
And thinking…. “I can do better
I can do more…kill more…
For a while…
Until the cycle starts anew
The religious talk of Jesus and god
And like politics
THAT is all so impotent because,
Week by week,
The killings go on
And there is no god to answer your impotent prayers
No politicians to be your hero
No merchants of conscience to end the sales of death
But you and I to end it all
shaking a little as we casually joke about it.

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