As some say in cliche’
“God Is Dead”
Where then,
Is the body of God?
Is it in you?
Are you?
Is it in the dust
Of the stars,
The very fabric of the Universe?
Or is the body of god,
In every sincere kind word
Loving thought feeling and action
Of every mortal past, present and future?

Is the body of God
In horror torment and madness?
Insanity and agony?
In tortured desires and illusions?
Or dreams and beliefs
Of heavens
Of hells
Prophets and madmen,
Proclaiming broken secrets of what is
Or is not,
Gods will?

Is the body of God bleeding torn asunder on our millions of battle fields
Our hospitals
Places we put away or old
and broken?
Is the body of god simply in the dry tears of the destitute lonely
Or finally,
In the tears screams and laughter
Of a mother giving birth in her greatest moment of pain and joy?

Or is the body
The ashes of god
Randomly sown like hidden seeds of wonder and genius
In every first breath and cry
As every one of us is born?
The body of god
Returned with every last breath and sigh
As every one of us …. Dies
But perhaps
Never does
As we return to the Universe
The Body Of God.











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