Last year I read a book about the destruction of Nagasaki (NAGASAKI: Life After Nuclear War by Susan Southard), Japan during WWII. I read about the lives of those that were killed. Those that were crippled for life. Those that survived to live with the horror of it for life. I read about the incredible misery and destruction of it all. Previously, in high school in the early 1970’s I read the classic novel of the destruction of Hiroshima (HIROSHIMA by John Hersey). In my youth war had always seemed something bloodless – like the TV shows of that time. As I have grown, aged and matured, I have seen the pure INSANE horror of it. Not in person but through the writing of others. Of personal accounts and documentaries. Recently I have been reading, RETRIBUTION, by Max Hastings. It details the last few years of the Pacific war culminating with the detonation of the atomic bombs in Japan and the subsequent surrender of Japan. Prior to the atomic bombs, the allies fire bombed numerous cities of Japan AND GERMANY killing thousands with every bombing. Add to that the final horror of the atomic bombs that killed thousands more.

I am not going to throw statistics and numbers at the reader because I am a better emotional writer than statistical. It is well known that the bombs dropped on Japan were SMALL compared to those in the arsenals of the major world powers now. Instead of thousands being vaporized in an instant, MILLIONS would be with thousands if not millions more crippled by the aftermath. With so many bombs now and so many so damned BIG what so many do not understand is that

There will never be a nuclear, “war”.


So many ignorantly seem to think that THEY would not die and the world would go on with them in it. Yeah, like in the movies. The movies are bullshit.

There will be no more humans alive to carry it on due to the insane amount of bombs and radiation from such an “EE” (Extinction Event).

The leaders might think that they can hide underground in bunkers and then come out and resume business as normal with a few ruined cities – like they show in the MOVIES.


Their bunkers might be sealed shut by the force of the weapons used and they die underground. If they ARE able to come out, there would be no world to live in. Mr. Trumps Ego would not have any worshippers left for it .

There is an ASSUMPTION by many that the USA (or OTHER country’s) could survive with missile shields and shoot down incoming nukes. This is all fantasy. There are so MANY nuclear weapons that many of them simply detonated wether in your country or THEIRS would make the planet unlivable for humanity and most other life forms. What life would not be killed by the fallout would be eradicated by nuclear winter.

I believe that NUCLEAR WEAPONS are the ULTIMATE INSANITY OF HUMANITY. Those that believe in the use of them are both STUPID AND INSANE. It is by sheer incredible luck the super powers have not destroyed all life on this planet by now. We have had a few close calls on that in the past.

When I read of someone like the US president Trump talking about nuclear weapons of ANY SIZE, it reinforces my view of his insanity. ANY person or leader talking about such as a “deterrent” or even a “first strike” option.

It is Insane.

WHY use such things?
There is nothing SURVIVABLE in their use. It is a matter of, “if I cannot have my foolish way on something on this playground (country or planet) I will destroy the playground!”

Childish in the most insane way.

No matter your politics or who you like as a leader, wake-up to the FACT that there is NO SUCH THING AS A “NUCLEAR WAR”.


You will die.
Either in the first moments when it begins or days or at the most weeks later. The fortunate will be those that are extinguished with the first bombs.

The next time you see ANY leader talking about nuclear weapons, do not support them. Damn them and work against them in whatever way you can. YOUR LIFE AND THAT OF ALL HUMANITY AND LIFE ON EARTH DEPEND ON IT. Forget bomb shelters, bunkers or caves. Saved rations etc. With the amount of bombs and how big they are nobody and nothing will survive except perhaps for a few organisms in the earth and possibly oceans. Perhaps in thousands if not millions of years life can evolve again but doubtfully humanity.

There is no such thing as “nuclear war”.


Extinction because of some human tantrums.

All the genius of art and culture and people with mental illness can destroy us all. Sadly here in the USA, we ELECTED such people that can possibly kill us all …

With a tantrum
A push of their Ego.

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