I am amused at how some are upset that all people do not say, “Merry Christmas!”. I am fine with it except for ….

Who in the hell says, “merry” at any other time of the year than December? It is one of those words that people ONLY take out for special occasions – like ugly sweaters for holidays. Or special decorations or symbols and songs. I never hear anyone saying, “hey Bob! Have MERRY day!”

Hmmmmm imagine someone saying that to you. Wishing you a “merry day” or night or morning or … you got the idea.

merry | ˈmerē |
adjective (merrier, merriest)
cheerful and lively: the narrow streets were dense with merry throngs of students | a merry grin.

(The above is a partial dictionary meaning of it.)

I think that an objection of mine to “merry” is that it just seems clunky as far as language goes. It’s almost embarrassing to say that word. Easier to say an obscenity because so many of us are used-to those. They just roll off the tongue so easily!

But not “merry”.

It’s a word people keep in the attic with their Christmas decorations. I prefer saying “Have a happy peaceful loving Christmas”.

Or something like that.

If people truly want me to say “merry” to show I am not making war on Christmas… ok… I will humor them and go up to the attic of my mobile home or maybe the cellar (my house has neither) and dig out “merry” and say it for a couple weeks of the year.

Even though I am an Atheist 😉

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