When we were kids, my oldest brother and I would fight a lot. PROBABLY (in all honesty) because I had a big mouth that caused trouble. To me though (at that time) I was just some poor innocent little brother getting beat up by his older brother.


My brother never left the parental home. He stayed there, worked a grocery job and took care of my parents in many little ways. I think that some people thought he was a bit slow or odd. At times I did but then again…I was probably THE most odd kid in the family. I still take some pride in that.

One thing about my oldest brother is that he has always been … GOOD. He does good things for people. Some have taken advantage of him and almost ruined him. His goodness cannot be pushed down or broken. His goodness DEFINES him more nobly than anything in this world to me. It is like a gift that some would ridicule but I and others truly ADMIRE. It is unpretentious. His giving at times is unconditional. A lesson to all that know him. A lesson to all that THINK they know what giving is until they ruin it by adding some obligation to their giving. Some strings attached.

Last winter my brother gifted me something life changing for years. I had to be sure HE was sure about it. I made sure of it with other family members. I cannot tell anyone about it but it was something an ACTION that has AWED me since that time and will leave me in awe of my brother’s kindness for life. I owe him a debt of HONOR. To honor him AS the HONORABLE GOOD PERSON HE IS.

In movies super heroes are a big thing. They have powers. In my mind and view, my brother is a super hero to me. He has a POWER a very simple HUMBLE power and that power is … the power of KINDNESS. Super heroes are often seen as very different or odd. THAT KINDNESS is probably why growing up, some saw him as odd or very different. A rare goodness in a person.

My brother is not rich and does not throw money at people – because he doesn’t have it. His super power is simply doing good in this world. Helping people in small meaningful ways. A prophet is purported to have said that the “kingdom of heaven is within”. My brother’s kingdom is his reward in the GOOD he does. It’s a reward we all can feel IF we do good and let go. GIVE of whatever we have within that IS good and let it go until the next moment arrives when we can do something good like…

I called him today.
We talked about the weather. He asked if I remembered the sidewalk on the west side of mom and dad’s house (which he inherited with my sister). Yes of course I did. He said that he shoveled snow off it. Ok…. At first I thought he meant just on THAT side of the house.


What he did was he went down the length of the neighborhood. He shoveled over an inch of snow FOR ABOUT 100 YARDS! I smiled, imagining him with that shovel. Yeah A SNOW SHOVEL going all the way up and down that sidewalk. How many lives did he affect by doing that? There are probably around 100 sets of feet that will not have to crunch through the snow risking an icy fall. Big brother did his magic. Did his gift again. GAVE his gift and used his innate gift of kindness. I have thought about what he did today. Smiling now as I write this. Then frowning as I think, “hey dumbass, take care of your health! Don’t go having a heart attack doing kindness!”

He won’t.
Because as you see… my brothers heart is strong… and good.

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