If I were to create a flat representing the USA,
I would make it a flag that none could replicate
A beautiful patchwork of shades of colors
And no real definable colors.

I would make it speak with every language on earth
Laugh with the joys we all share
Cry with sorrows we all know.

I would make it sing and dance in the wind
With every known music and art form

I would have the threads that bind it speak with the opinions
Of millions Americans
Millions Opinions
Millions of views
All writhing
Undulating through the fabric of this great artwork
This flag of the most diverse people on earth.

It would be dissonance and harmony
Chaos and order
It would be all we all are together
And together
And shaded,
It would be the fabric of all we all are as AMERICANS
In this, the most diverse peopled country in the world.

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