After the horror and outrage, the lack of anything being done by anyone, there is a fatigue that may happen. An adaptation. A SCARY adaptation. We adapt to the horror. In war zones people adapt to and get used-to the sounds of war.

The outrage comes and then fades but inside we cringe when we open any internet news site or TV news program HALF EXPECTING the horror to return. When it doesn’t and no changes are made after battering our collective heads on a right wing wall, we fade again.

For many, they may become apathetic. Not caring it may seem but ALWAYS caring. Just burned out trying not to care or feel the horror anymore.

The expectation always remains. Anticipation. DREAD. What new horror? Sick guilty question for some of, ” will the next body count be higher?” One may wonder if the crazies have a competition going to talk about when they get to hell.

MAYBE we secretly, selfishly whisper an echo inside that resounds through millions only whispered: “Who will be next to own a gun and fall off the Sanity wagon and kill. What nice sane person will explode in anger about something and start shooting? What person, over looked by an over stretched under funded mental health and health care system will reach their own end and and the lives of others? Or tormented by their own demons, create life long torments for their surviving victims and victims families?

Our new reality is we secretly live in dread …
Dread in so many little ways.
Of horrors we have beaten to death with talk
Of horrors excused ad nauseam by lovers of killing machines as pets.

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