My neighbors that lived in the house across the street from me left today. It is night. I look across the street at the house I know they are there.

They left but shadows of them remain in the house. Feeling of them. The feel OF them. The woman that lived in the house before them is there too.

But not THERE.

She moved on but some of her that WAS is still there.

Just as beneath the living presence of the hispanic family living in the house east of me, there is the old woman that lived there but moved and lives elsewhere.

But she still lives there, in part.
Part of her.
A her from her past.
I see her there some times.
A grey pencil drawn image in a window that peers out
then fades back into time.

To the west of me is the house with the nice couple in it near same age as I. Before they moved in the house was gutted. The carpets replaced. Repairs done. Walls painted. The entire house cleaned but…

The woman that eventually killed herself smoking is still there…
But dead somewhere.
She is dead but some of her lives on there…
Just like her father that died there.
Like her mother that lived there for a while then went off to a hospice to die.
I try not to look
to see them looking out
the smoke swirling around them as it did in life
as it does with a residue of them imbedded in that house.

I wonder of the evil and sickness of the drug dealer that once lived there so nice so charming so totally sociopathic

Now gone.
Probably prison but…
At times like a prison
I see him looking out blindly through the walls
of a house he once lived in
a house like all houses that kept a part of him alive in it.

All houses
all places
carry the residue memory life
of all that lived there and left some emotional touch
minds and
LIVES caressed the dwelling.

They will fade when the dwelling fades.

When someone moves into the house across the street
where people live
but do not,
I wonder if,
after all that cleaning to remove the OLD
will the new still feel them?
Will they feel the energies latent in the walls
will the former tenants,
so far away now
feel them enter
a chill through their bodies
a brief shake
as new life is shadowed
layered on the old?


I wonder,
when I am gone from this place
what will the new tenants feel of me
and will some passing stranger
or neighbor
on occasion,
see a life sketched of my face in a window
then fading
a fading smile of me in this house…

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