The mobile home park where I live recently passed out fliers asking people to rake and bag the leaves from their trees and put them at the curbside for pick-up. I called the park office and they said no it was not mandatory. I told them I would mulch mine into the yard.

I WANTED TO ASK, “what is dirt made of? That stuff that grass grows out of? You know, that grass people want so green and not obscured by LEAVES?”

Dirt is composed of rotting leaves and other stuff. Stuff that was once mostly living and even decaying is full of life. Oh, and minerals. Plenty of tiny living things too. Dirt is ALIVE. The grass the dirt the trees with those horrible dirty falling leaves are all connected.

To many Americans, grass clippings are dirty or bad. Same with leaves. If that lawn is NOT a pristine flawless orderly GREEN CARPET it is wrong! How dare those leaves fall on the lawn and get it DIRTY!

Dirty dirt is bad!

See the insanity of it all?

My boss told me about how he saw a neighbor with a leaf blower on his roof trying to blow leaves off of trees! A week ago on a walk, I saw a man with a tiny yard using a big leaf blower to blow all those pesky dirty leaf things into the road.

I am a radical about Dirt. Soil. Trees. Grass and weeds. I see the marvel and miracle of LIFE in it all. I may use a lawn mower to mulch the leaves soon. Mentally, the trees thank me for next years nutrients. I am a sneaky guerrilla ecofreak in that not allowed to have a compost pile where I live, I grind up my produce refuse, add coffee grounds to it and throw it on the lawn. Note: No citrus due to how acidic the peelings are. The coffee grounds make it look like real authentic dirt and add much needed nitrogen to the soil. The brewing process leeches the acid out of the ground coffee beans and adds it to what I drink. Harmless and enhancing.

In the spring in the USA, there is a frenzy of people treating their lawns with CHEMICAL fertilizers that are like a sugar buzz for a kid. Short lived energy. It makes consumers addicted to big corporate fertilizers. Americans have been brain washed for decades to feel they NEED or HAVE TO HAVE a PERFECT GREEN LAWN. ORDERLY! No weeds! No dandelions! The irony is that dandelions have nice long roots that are good for aerating soil. Loosen it up. Make it easier for soil to absorb water and keep it. Same with weeds. But that is against that American rigidity of mind. It is DIVERSITY and so many Americans are against DIVERSITY.

For the first time in my life I see a correlation between how Americans are with their lawns and often how they may view social structures. Many want that sameness of green grass and not a diversity of other plant species. It is amusing to think how green grass was in invader brought here from Europe so the rich could have that orderly green lawns. Mostly the WHITE rich that did not welcome diversity of other races.

Maybe it is reaching there… just some thoughts.

There is an insanity to the whole clean lawn thing. Writing this I have stumbled upon a different view too: That dislike of diversity. Perhaps symbolic here. It’s ok to have trees but NO LEAVES WELCOME!

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