My fellow Liberals like to compare Trump to Hitler. I have always found the comparison off and wondered WHY such a comparison when as recently noted by Nina Kruscheva, STALIN was a better comparison to trump.


Yeah, THAT guy. The great dictator and mass murderer of the early Soviet Union. Hitlers Nemesis that in some ways was much like him. A HUGE difference was in the number of victims: Hitler roughly 10 million. Stalin, 20 million. Stalin killed HIS OWN PEOPLE. Hitler killed mostly jews from all over Europe and OTHER undesirables. Many were Russian POW’S. Homosexuals and those deemed mentally or physically defective.

BOTH were mentally ill. BOTH were extremely PARANOID. In fact, in 1927 a psychiatrist examined Stalin and declared him “paranoid”. Soon after that, he disappeared. Both were narcissistic.

So in MY view, if people want say who trump is more like, I would go with Stalin. trump is more likely to try to eradicate AMERICANS that he finds offensive. Starting with anyone saying bad things about him on news sites first.

A big difference (in my opinion) between trump, Stalin and Hitler would be that Hitler and Stalin were BOTH far more intelligent than trump. That trump boasts of his intellect is yet another sign of his insecurity and narcissism. His massive EGO.

I believe that the reason so many Liberals bring out the name “Hitler” so often is that they feel they know something about him. There is a VISCERAL response to his name. All the films, television, books and news articles about him. Big name! But who knows much about STALIN? I know a little but more than most. Stalin killed in secret. There were gulags. Mass executions. It was only AFTER the fall of the Soviet Union when some of the horrible truth about what Stalin did was revealed. There were no concentration camps liberated for all the world to see. Millions of his victims disappeared – unlike the victims of Hitler’s holocaust. When WWII ended, the allies opened the camps and saw the remains of the victims and heard the stories of what happened. Before and during WWII, Stalin was executing thousands of his own people. It continued after the war with little of it known to the west. Whispers but no big shouting headlines or magazine pictorials.

Since I am talking about mass murdering dictators here, what about Mao Tse Tung? HE did much the same as Stalin. HE killed millions of his own people secretly with little of it known to the world. 45 million killed during the Great Leap Forward. A period of only 4 years! Why do Americans not compare trump to Mao? Because like Stalin, Mao did not get the press. Like the Soviet Union, China sealed off from prying eyes. Hitler’s Germany was literally busted open for all to see at the end of WWII. A thing about Mao too is that he was CHINESE and thus probably not a good bad guy to compare anyone too. Like Stalin, not many know much about Mao.

If people want to compare trump to very very evil people, look beyond Hitler. There were some bigger monsters. Right now I will side with Nina Kruscheva with her comparison of trump to Stalin. I hope like hell that trump could not be like Mao. Then again, trump and his administration’s lack of belief in Climate Change/Global Warming could kill more than Mao’s Great Leap Forward. trumps lack of belief in it and inaction on it could kill billions and not just millions.

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