This week my company is torturing me by having me work near insanely loud rednecks that play rap. Modernist red necks 😉 I have felt RAGE toward them even temptation to hate them.

I choose not to hate them and to just bear with it.

I have been kind to them and joking.
I will continue to be kind, to joke, to make people smile and laugh if I can no matter WHO they are. At times I have felt rage and other negative emotions toward the owner the company. I cannot change him I cannot change my coworkers. I look for a common ground or something light to talk about or even complain about in solidarity as workers and people.

I reject my own feelings of hate and anger.
It is for ME to be MY TRUE SELF and THAT “true self” is a kind good compassionate empathetic man. A self I will practice being. The higher emotions I will practice.

My coworkers may shy away from hugs but I will give them in non threatening ways. That is MY way and hugs are good for us 😉

My coworkers think I am an old fool and I will play the fool – if only for laughs knowing I am NOT a “fool” in the true sense of the word. I am confident in who I am – even arrogant about it 😉

My coworkers will talk in ignorant hateful ways and to NOT make them more so by being defensive, I will ignore it and live my life focusing on a POSITIVE attitude and way of living.

We have choices.
We may not be able to change toxic people, work and life environments around us but we DO have a choice of how we react and who we ARE AS PEOPLE.

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