Driving home from work today, passing 2 schools – a grade school and a high school – I noticed men standing with big photo printed signs. They all looked a bit weird to me. I thought the area safe because of the schools. I made a point to drive slow as law requires. It gave me a chance to notice the same message but disgusting photos on the signs.

Others read:

Hey I get it. Your religion says that there are souls in babies and all human life forms so killing a fetus is murder. As an atheist, I see a fetus as not developing a mind or even nervous system at the time of abortions. It is flesh. I see humans as animals and thus a fetus is an unformed animal. I think it sensational bullshit that some believe that “BABIES” are ripped out of a womb and killed. Like doctors are some crazed killers. I disagreed with the messages.

I felt DISGUSTED by the images shown in the photo signs: What appeared to be bloody baby body parts. These strange men were standing there with these SICK images. Hey I can read. I get it. I get it every time I read a lawn sign with the same message. Oh and that other message I find so incredibly stupid: PRAY TO END ABORTION!

Crazy looking men with signs showing a bloody mess BY 2 SCHOOLS! Now is that sick or what? Hey kids! Have a look at THAT! Wow! Hey junior anything happen at school today?”

“No mom not really except for some weird looking guys holding up signs with messy bloody baby parts near the school!”

As I was driving I was SAFELY on my phone talking to a Chinese friend in Denmark. I told her what I was seeing. I told her I knew that abortion is a common thing in both China AND a few European countries. In the USA?

The whole controversy is very weird to foreigners.

As a non-believer, I find it all INSANE. Like those guys holding those photo signs. So much effort and money put into this religious passion. I often ask myself: What about the victims of RAPE AND INCEST all over the world? What about the innocents killed by cops and victims of gun violence?


World wide.

What about war crimes?
What about global warming that is going to kill millions and maybe all of humanity?
What racism?
What about all manner of bigotry?
What about…

So much pain and suffering that go beyond such a small thing as…


How many BABIES are killed every day in all the little and large wars around the world?

What about the mothers and children of the Rohingya in Myanmar?
What about the innocent victims of ISIS?

What … about the millions of orphaned children that will never have parents rich enough to stand around with nice photos of bloody baby parts by the road side and likely die slow deaths of poverty, disease, drug use, sexual abuse, crime and even starvation?

What about the children that are brought to full term then abandoned because hey – abortion kills babies? Are there enough orphanages and foster care homes for THEM? Of those, what about those born with horrible birth defects? Would those sign holders care for the orphans and birth defective babies? “Hey my kid has half a brain and a defective heart and will need thousands of dollars of care each MONTH, you want to pay and care for it”? (Rhetorical question)

I felt a visceral reaction to brandish my middle finger at the sign holders and yell at them but I remembered that as an atheist, a free thinker and moral person I have to be better than that.

“Moral” as-in WORLD morality. Not just a one-issue morality.
WORLD CONSCIENCE not just that one big passion.

As for my often shaking my head and laughing about that, “pray to end abortion”? If there was a god, IT would not allow fetuses to be aborted. IT would not allow birth defects. IT would make sure there was no RAPE or INCEST to happen. IF it was a “god of love” IT would not allow that. IT would not allow situations where women felt forced to have an abortion.

I know the bible thumpers would love to attack me for all this. I will peacefully delete all such attacks on me. If they could be honest about their faith they would look into their bibles and SEE the many passages condoning infanticide, rape and murder. You know, those that their preachers never read to them. I know they are. I have read them and it led me long ago to see the hypocrisy of the religious and religion.

And often, the insanity and cruelty of it that is far uglier than… abortion.

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