I have read that people will grieve for and feel the pain of the loss of ONE person more than a large number of people.

I have noticed this today in myself.

I have felt numb even apathetic about the shooting in Las Vegas. There is a morbid interest in HOW MANY DIED. I feel no, felt no connection with any of them. I watch how both sides in US politics blame each other for it. There is the same old outcry about how gun control is needed and on the other side of it that more guns are needed to protect people. It is the same old shit.


THEN I read of how the musician Tom Petty died and I feel a deep sense of sadness. I feel a need to grieve a little. There is pain beyond the numbness of yet ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING in the USA.

ONE person died.
A person I felt a CONNECTION WITH THROUGH HIS MUSIC. Listening it nearly every day on my iPod. There is something personal there to his death and the loss people will feel. He was an individual first and hard to think of as a number that died. He died of a heart attack. Identifiable intimate sort of death for some. NOT like some nameless person part of a huge number of deaths.

I understand that idea now of how we feel the pain and loss of ONE person but not MANY.

We can read of thousands that died in a bombing long ago and feel nothing about it. But if we read something about ONE REAL PERSON we can feel through something said or written about their life. We may feel something for that one and not a large number of anonymous dead that composed that large number of “deaths”. One person is “Dead”.

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