I just wrote this spontaneous comment to someone on a Facebook group. It works for me.


The answer to life is getting up in the morning, taking a shit without bleeding. Being able eat and find a way to have a roof over your head. Big bang little bang big god real god fake god… don’t mean shit. It’s all a lot of Ego. The kindness we GIVE matters. The healing we do. The FORGIVING we live. THAT ALL MATTERS. Finding beauty, creating it when we can. Nurturing and living a sense of awe in the simple that makes it grandeur. Living with honor and dignity matters. That sports team, entertainer and movie star top hit don’t mean shit. The green don’t mean shit unless you are starving or need that roof and health care. SURVIVING has meaning but not surviving at the cost of hurting others. Nurturing, respecting the lesser beings and the beings we may at times perceive as lesser. Gods and lack of gods are manifestations of humanities ego. Live with minimal ego and you got something going. Live so that when you are dead that little bit of ego KNOWS someone will smile with memories of you and choke back sobs … instead of spitting.

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