Today I went to the dentist to get a tooth hole filled. I have a good positive relationship with Natalie and her assistant, Kay. They know my personal and work life. I am not privy to theirs but that is best and I respect it. After the work was done and some good conversation and laughs, I went to the desk to pay but nobody there. I was the last patient. The receptionist was getting ready to go. I stood there and Natalie, the dentist just waved at me, shooing me to get out and go (with a smile). I was shocked. I think she liked that shocked look on my face. She has done this before: NOT had me pay. She knows how my financial situation is. Natalie is a Christian. I believe all her staff is. She knows I am an atheist. She knows that I am also a GOOD PERSON.

I talked to my atheist girl friend today. Briefly. She is Chinese living in Denmark. She told me about how today at work she found the purse of a muslim woman and returned it to her. She knows the woman is muslim because she spoke to her. My girl friend felt great by doing the right good thing. There was nothing beyond doing good because it is the right to do.


This list is longer. Primarily about 1 man I work with.


Jim is probably 15 years younger than I am. Opposite of me in many ways such as his NEGATIVITY. Add hygiene to that. Jim is a christian of some kind. He says, “fuck” every other word. He is good at repairing machines. Good with some physical things. Building things. Jim is what I consider a “toxic” human. CONSTANTLY NEGATIVE. Give him a compliment and he will snarl. Give him a hug and he will call you “gay”. He has grown to have a relationship with me of total opposites and opposition. He tries to bully me but I let it go. He tries to insult me and I either JOKINGLY go back at him with it like working men will do or I just let it go and blow it off like ashes. I have chided Jim about his use of “fuck” and finally just let it go. It’s his word. Jim smokes whenever he gets a chance to at work. Jim has a diet rich in GARBAGE. I do not. Nor do I smoke or drink or use drugs. Jim, with his negativity just comes off as the most absolutely MISERABLE sonofabitch in the world. But he likes to try to boss me around and criticize me with his limited vocabulary. Yes I know that was arrogant. Note to myself: To be a better person, try not to be such an arrogant sounding ass.

Also, the point of the above?
JIM IS A TEACHER: DO NOT BE LIKE HIM! He is opposite of me and shows with his pain that radiates from inside to NOT BE LIKE HIM OR YOU CAN BECOME LIKE HIM.

As a result I try to be POSITIVE and kind to him.
Don’t be like the negative miserable people trying to make others miserable. Be the OPPOSITE. Don’t be or bring the darkness: Be or bring the light. Kindness. Love. Compassion. Empathy. THAT is the “light”. The light of Emotional Intelligence.

When I see how cruel, bigoted and stupid so many politicians are, I tell myself, “don’t be like THEM”. Be better. Sure I don’t have their salary their power. I can YOU CAN WE CAN be better than them by being the GOOD THEY ARE NOT! THE HONEST AND HONORABLE THEY ARE NOT!

Life is full of teachers.
For my own personal growth it is an important matter to me to be like some – those good beautiful people,
and NOT be like Others
the Jim’s
the politicians that shit on so many common people.

All my life I have been learning from such teachers. It took me some time to understand after my school days that LIFE is full of teachers… teaching what WE feel we need to know.

I am constantly seeking to learn to be a better person.

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