“Oooooo he got me! “
Yelled the boy falling then shaking his limbs, convulsing then laying still
a moment imitating what he thought was dying.
Then jumping up laughing
seriously alive
playing at dying.

Later the boy that became a man
saw men dying
really dying
contorting in non playful
horrific ways.
Late the boy that became a man
like a dying man
seeing the dead and dying all around him
wishing he could go back and tell that boy
“oh boy …
oh boy…
dying is not a playful thing
and death not a game”

“But what innocence would I rob him of
a life believing death was a game
and like the movies,
nobody ever died
they just came back in another movie
or tv episode
wearing a different costume.
What innocence shattered only when seeing the cold harsh reality
later in life
of men you knew as boys…
dying around you
as you
died with them,
remembering that innocence of childhood immortality.

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