Today on the way home from work I stopped at my favorite grocery store for a few items. As I drove through the shopping center toward my favorite parking space area, I watched for people. People doing stupid often thoughtless impulsive things. Such as driving the wrong way. Backing out without looking. People walking. Walking in front of cars. Phones in hand quite often. Phones are more important than saving your life.

Or children.

Children just being kids and bolting across a road or … in front of my car.

I saw the woman driving with the 2 kids. Kids full of energy and mother losing hers. I saw her park and get out in front of me as I slowed my car. The 2 kids reminded me of dogs eager to go for a walk. I expected something to happen seeing they were a bit wild.

It did.

1 child bolted away from her mother running in front of my SLOW moving car. I saw the kid’s eyes pop open wide as her mother grabbed her and her brother. I saw the mother’s face contorted in shock fear then … RELIEF and


She waved and mouthed “thank you” to me. I smiled, waved and gave her a thumbs up. I felt good. VERY good because I had had the wisdom to DRIVE SLOW WATCHING. The idea of hitting a kid or any person is one of my worst nightmares. It’s just one of those terrible stupid things in life that happens from … well… being stupid.

By chance I met the woman and her kids in the store in front of the ice cream aisle. She thanked me profusely again for “not hitting my baby”. She saw how funny it sounded and we both laughed. That someone THANKED another person for not hitting their kid. I told her it’s one of my worst nightmares. One stupid move. One lapse of attention and someone is killed, crippled or damaged physically and emotionally for life. That damage happens to the person that hits the person. It ricochets into family and friends. It affects many. I did not tell her that but I know she knew.

I stood there watching her kids look at the many flavors of ice cream. Pointing and talking. The woman asked me what I was looking at. I laughed and told her, “kids looking at ice cream. It brings back memories. It’s a fun joyful thing”. I patted her shoulder and walked down the aisle to continue my shopping.

Then stopped.

I walked back and got some ice cream.

Double Vanilla.

Remembering those kids


remembering myself, as a kid their age.

2 thoughts on ““Thank You For NOT Hitting My Baby”

    1. Taking one life can ruin so many. I had a brother that was killed before I was born. Such horrible ripples such things create. It is a nightmare for me to imagine hurting a child or anyone. The older I get the more cautious. I am also uncertain of my senses at times due to age. You are welcome, Mark.

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