Is there a vanity to it
a chunk of Ego
or a big big motivator,
when we wonder,
“After I die,
who will cry
who will feel the pain to puke screaming
or any agony of our loss?

What stories would be told of us?
Will we be remembered with tear choking laughter
or will there only be grim whispers
disparaging remarks
dry ruthless sneers or….

no eyes
wet or dry
no words
sad or pleased ?

The vanity
the ego
the big big Motivator to how we are spoken of
damned or celebrated after death

Should be that of a life of loving kindness
words and actions goodness
remembrances of our unconditional giving
those times we embraced others with a light around them of Empathy.

HOW we with to be remembered,
in some imagined Wake
can be a great beautiful motivator of how to be or change our life and Self,
Or a cold dark nightmare we damn ourselves to with what we do
how we live
and who we are in the Now.

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