Last year at this time I started growing a beard. I let it grow until February when I shaved it off. This week I quit shaving again.

Face hair for me is an amusing thing. I look MUCH younger when clean shaven. Head and face. It’s a vanity thing. “Looking younger”. When I grew the beard I just let it grow. No trimming. Just nice and WILD. I kept my head shaved and it was a bold strong look for me, I felt. I have no hair on top of my head so it was no great loss. The beard was fun. Nearing December, plenty of jokes about my looking like, “santa clause”. Got old, fast. The beard became an object of discussion. Humor. HOW I LOOKED WITH IT. “Scary” to some.

The most interesting thing to me is how for someone like me people will tell me that a beard makes me look, “OLD”. When someone tells me that I have to laugh and say, “Yeah but I AM OLD!”

That’s a big part of it: So many want to retain their youth. Shaving does that. A beard adds 10 years to some. Or maybe being clean shaven removes the years. A beard is NATURAL. Shaving my head is not but that part is vanity. My FACE looks the age I REALLY AM. We are such a youth-driven society that people assume so much about hair or the lack of it. How I look with a beard makes some think I am I homeless and maybe a bit crazy. In my work clothes that is. When I am clean shaven and head shaven some assume I am a skin head or something radical. To that I reply, “or maybe a peaceful buddhist monk”.

I am very aware now of how so many assume so much about a bearded man. Or that oh how “OLD” I look with it! I

It’s ok.
I know I am old.

Besides… I love to make faces when I have a beard. It’s like wearing a mask or hiding behind a portable hair bush.



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