To Grieve
We must FEEL something for someone
or Some Thing
we feel has died
been lost
or we feel is Gone from us.

A father
a brother
a friend may die,
but we may not grieve if
we feel
we felt nothing or little
and without feeling for them,
there cannot be any grief.

If we feel nothing
or dead about someone
some thing
we cannot fake grief
act as-if we feel pain
The world is no fool to Emotion and will not believe,
A Grief without feeling
without Passion.

When we grieve
we show our Life
how alive we are
with a tempest of howling screaming tearful pain,
And momentary life insanity.
We are alive… feeling so deeply
So alive…

If there is Feeling,
we can grieve a dying dead or past fiction
some Illusion
an idea
a cause
no matter how illusory it may have been to others,
it was REAL to us,
it mattered
we felt deeply for it
with the passing of it
we grieve
we feel a deep sadness,
a sense of loss.

We can grieve at times for parts of ourselves
ages within lost
innocence lost
loves come and gone and always lost
a grief that comes with sadness seeing that
near death we can selfishly grieve our own
because if you cannot feel the passing of your life,
how can you grieve what you never lived or

Grief is guiltless Feeling
because we FELT that person
that idea
that Illusion
that cause
that time
that person WE once were
Because true grief is Feeling…
feeling deeply for what brings those
tears to our eyes
that sadness to engulf us in it’s flame
then ashen exhausted from it,
we rise
we rise…
and feel again
find new passion
new passions
and feeling,
Love Again.

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