It’s an awkward amusing thing for me as a liberal “white” American these days: I POLITICALLY trust ANYONE that is not the same shades of white or beige that I am more than those that are.


As human’s – it’s much the same for everyone to me. People to people. Or so I try.

But with my fellow white folks, POLITICALLY it’s a guessing game of trust. I try to see, sense and feel them out about their politics. IF they support trump and his regime or not. If they are pro right wing and trump, I am guarded but friendly. My laughter is slightly fake due to some unease with them.

“Politically” with non whites, I feel I can speak freely my political views and trust them to most likely NOT be right wing or trump supporters because trump and his regime have shown… these people have more to lose with THEM running the country.

There is an odd joy at times.
A Relief:
I can relax when I see a woman I assume is muslim in the store.
I can relax when I see a young brown skinned man I may have shied away from in the past due to some mutual racial distrust. Now, I feel a political trust. A Connection. I can say, “TRUMP IS AN IDIOT!” and I know that THEY will laugh at it with me. A shared joke and and connection. A tribal thing. Hey we are on the same team.

I have come to love diversity in the USA. I never appreciated it more than I do now. The candies are not just one color or flavor. THEY ARE MANY! That is in my political tribe. The other tribe… the right wing? They just have those white candies to eat. So boring!

I try to imagine what it is like for non whites non white anglo saxon christians to encounter someone that looks like I do and may wonder, “ok is this one of THEM or one of US”? Because these days my whiteness can make me look just like all those other white folks that worship that idiot god in D.C.

I suspect there is a sense of relief when they find I am pro Diversity. Pro… so much of what THEY and WE are in favor in life. What a DIVERSE NATION is in favor of and VALUES.

To me race is a delicate subject. I CARE about it. As an atheist I may not like religion but as long as someone does not shove it in my face I am good about it. To each their own. The same with what language you speak or where your recent ancestors came from. I care about how those different than I feel. Even those whites that look so much like me but sound so different when they talk and think. THAT I think is what sets my tribe apart from the other: That caring and not caring at the same time. Caring about the PEOPLE but not giving much of a damn about … what makes them and us DIVERSE. Things that could separate us but now … JOINS US.

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