Working in a factory and working with my hands a lot, I have realized there is a myth about “Laborer Hands”. I used-to think that the hands of people that made their living doing simple hard often dirty sweaty work would make your hands hard and calloused. Yes at times mine HAVE been. MY hands are smooth with many scars. Smooth because often that hard work lifting pushing assembling material handling pulling stuff will wear the rough skin off. For example, as I write this my hands are smooth but scarred. The scars cannot be removed. Nor can the lines. Hard work will often remove the top layers of skin. Your hands may blister then heal and callous but often the work the simple laborer does will remove the skin. You work that skin off.

I am always amused by that whole palmistry crap. Reading the lines in hands that show some metaphysical thing. Or about who you are and maybe something about your past or future.

The lines in our hands are not supernatural.
They are our past and present.
They are our suffering
our work
our play
our accidents
our momentary purpose that lines our hands.
They are the accidental reality of our existence.

I look at my hands and see the lines of my labors.
That scar where the hatchet hit a glancing blow and nearly severed a tendon.
That lump in a joint where a sliver went in and my body slowly ate the wood removing it from my body. It was good it was wood – an organic material that could be removed by the rubbish crews of my body.
If every scar in my hands were to open and bleed again, I would probably bleed to death. Fortunately laboring with these hands has smoothed them, sanding the scars down to blend in with the lines of my hand without anything supernatural or metaphysical about it.

I can do simple palm readings.
I look at my own hands and smile or frown remembering lines caused by something.
I can look at hands of strangers and see if they have had easy life or hard life – the more lines the harder the life.
The fewer lines, the less life lived.
The only future telling I can give is that if there are healed wounds, you will be able to work and live again.
If your joints are not bloated with arthritis you will be able to work and survive longer.
That is my prophecy of the hands 😉
Worker Prophecy.

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