In the beginning like so many,
I hated him
hated THEM.
I felt a rage that felt potent with words
with my lack of any real action.

As the days passed
I watched the hate for haters of the other side rise,
Until I saw that Hateful,
As more days passed I became numb
then disgusted
contemptuous of our leaders,
our sad
leaders without honor.

For years I have felt that a life without Honor
is not a life worth living.

A person without honor
is a Nothing person
an empty shell
a home,
waiting for an occupant.

The worst thing about us
is that We have become like

The worst thing about our leaders
is that they,
have become like Their leader.

We turn upon each other
we brothers and sisters,
ignoring our shared humanity
for illusions of the monsters we create with our lying eyes and words to replace them.

We are in a civil war
in which nobody IS “civil.”
In which so many ignore love and beauty
choosing to live hate and ugliness.

My disgust and contempt have withered now
just as my anger and hate did.
Thorny withered roses have come to life,
blooming Phoenixes of compassion
and in this
the beauty of a first light
a hope for humanity if the beauty Of compassion
can join us some day
and heal us
embrace us
and let each of us drop our illusions
and share
leaders and commoners alike,
our shared beauty as …..


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