(This is a spontaneous thing I wrote. Experimental. Playing around with ideas and bitter feelings. It’s a view of my factory life at times.  No idea if it worked or not. Maybe it’s all just brainfartstew with a view)


Welcome To The Zoo

They walk past curious,
their guides an owner
former owner
pointing at us in our

(debt and nowhere else to go but this damned factory)


I used to laugh and talk to them like a good performing animal,
ready for hand outs after I stroked a rich man’s ego with praise of this great place!

like the caged animal I feel I am
the old weak struggling to stand and keep going old animal,
I glare
I snarl a little
I don’t perform anymore.
It’s all I have left of my dignity there after so many damned back breaking soul raping years.
Sorry rich man,
no performance for your ego
no peanuts for your zoo visitors.

They used-to come in with their TV or still photo cameras mic’s ready interviewing the worker beasts for their TV news or newspaper stories.
Eagerly I did oblige.
I had the script written and memorized in mind.
I had my caricature of myself down pat.
I knew what they wanted to see and hear and I said it so well…
(With the owner hanging on every word to make damn sure I sang ONLY praises and smiled as I kissed his AssEgo in front of many unseen faces lost in the future. )

The part I played talking from the bars of my cage: The old faithful worker working there because I love it so much!
(The animal entered a trap of life’s design and it’s own later continuance and paced it’s cage productively for many years with no retirement no benefits and so much product made for survival wages)
It was all such a joke
We are only there because too stupid or piss poor to move on.
Too old too poor too worthless to any modern employer to be wanted.
So I stayed…
So I stay…
Broken and breaking every day every assembly job every indignity heaped upon me year after year by management and owners that don’t care…
(“We got a truck to load today! Get moving get that product out!”)
(Like zoo owners giving enough to just keep the animals alive,
Delighting at times in seeing us perform for their guests …
Now reluctant to do so because some of the beasts are beaten down by the cages pressing in on them and the last dignity they have after years of indignities is to –
Snarl at the zoo keepers guests,
make the damned peanuts taste like rotting factory worker flesh.
If there is any vengeance to be had,
It’s theft.
Robbing the rich of ego strokes.


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