When falling, failing going down in life,

knowing we are dying or 

wondering if we are, 

We that do not believe in any Deity 

any supernatural 

any superior or God being

will find ourselves reaching

then pulling back in pride

(no such thing exists

let it go

die with dignity and just go…). 


A Believer will gleefully see this as an admission that there are not true non believers, 

that everyone deep down BELIEVES in a god

(but which god oh gleeful believer?

with so many in present and past to choose from!)


There is that triumphant PROOF in The Reaching that there are no true non believers and that we all have a god belief inside us. 


They could not be more wrong…

There is something PRIMAL in all of us that does not want to die, 

to wither 

to fade 

to anonymously disappear after having breathed but a half sigh in the life of a planet.


There is a DESPERATION that when down,

we ALL reach out a hand

A hand in a universal life affirming gesture of simply,

“I want to live”.


THAT is the Reaching. 

We reach for life as we did as we lived. 

It is the highest aspect of our humanity to simply WANT to continue and go on. 

It is why we looked to the stars so long ago

above the bodies of those we loved

not ever wanting to truly let them go 

and wished upon the many stars 

that those we loved

lived up there… rising into that endless dark with that simple last breath.


There is a desperation that makes us reach

to want to live

and in doing so,

WANT to believe that the Hero will save the day

to ride down from the stars on a mighty steed and pick us up and ride into the heavens with us giving us eternal life…

Instead of what we so logically know is here

will be 

and fear to be now:

A last breath and the body returns to the planet whence it came.

From out of the womb of one mother

into the womb of another

as ashes

as rotting flesh that turns to other life nourishing dirt. 

Ashes to Mother

Rotting flesh to Mother.

We all return

but in desperation we want those last thoughts

those last … Reachings,

to find a down reaching hand and pull our life force out and up.

With others we so toxically hate,

we wish for a hand to reach and pull a life force screaming into some opposite more painful place.


In the end perhaps,

We reach for our mother.

We reach for that comforting emotional/spiritual womb from which we came and before that,

That OTHER womb from which we have all come from,

our planet mother. 


In the end perhaps, 

We may reach for a mother 

of myth, culture and imagination,

begging the energy that breathed us moment by moment 

to please…

please let me continue

this last breath. 

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