With a world population headed toward 8 billion, those aware of it and the conflicts in the world felt something had to give.

In the USA and other countries there was a sense of doom, a sick dark anticipation and expectation of a nuclear war that would end all life on earth. Others believed if not that, then an environment collapse brought on by climate change. It was only the very rich that felt life was good and nothing wrong. Life was good for THEM. Life was not good for the majority of those billions. Life was not good for those in the war torn countries. The refugees. The wounded, crippled in mind and body. The orphans. The poor. In the world with so many people there was a sense that the world was about to collapse and humanity end itself through some form of pure stupidity based on all that is sick within humanity.

An odd thing happened.

Within and underneath all this sickness

inside the Darkness in so many,

There was a wordless child crying…

Crying in…

Billions of Humans.

Billions of Other life forms.

There was a         WANTING


A      Pleading

A wordless reaching of what some would call the “soul” and this narrator will simply refer to as, A Collective Life Force shared in all humans all life forms. Something like a gentle stream clear cool and clean within us all. Within everything.

Not “god” but some would call it that.

Something none had ever known yet at the same time, billions had reached deep and touched it, at times bathing in it with their subconscious.

Often, their subconscious yearnings.

WITH the conscious belief that the world would end there was a YEARNING deep inside within that deep dark clean stream inside us …

It was that REACHING so many billions have felt now and throughout the history of humanity and all life. That REACHING a child does consciously when it feels lost, sad, empty and miserable.

That Reach for MOTHER.

With so many REACHING blindly in the dark inside. So many without conscious desire reaching into that stream inside a natural process occurred.

A process that one cannot fathom or describe except in scientific terms simply compare it to the Big Bang theory. It was a natural event in which with so many BILLIONS reaching deep inside and touching that deep stream with their wordless yearning, something


Was created or formed from a part of the life force we all share. That connects us. That connects all living and dead. It is gone but WAS in all that WERE.

It may have started,

been awakened

by the yearning reaching for the comfort of a mother by someone poor fellow talking to himself in the doorway of an abandoned factory. He FELT something. Something near him and felt his mother was there to comfort him. He started talking and IT patiently listened, formless, a “mind” from something that came from that deep stream inside us all. Someone passing may have heard him talking to an imaginary friend.

This was no ordinary “imaginary friend”.

It was the attitude and feeling you give to your mother.




Above all … LOVE.

When your mother is with you, you give your mother love. If you are not a loving person with the Presence then you find it deep inside without any excuses. It is like a mother asking you the child to make your bed: You do it.

This anonymous homeless person that had without conscious emotion brought The Mother to him. He had no idea what it was or if he was sane, drunk or high. He talked to the Presence as he would have to his mother – wether he had known his mother or not. There is a WAY in nature we talk to Mother. A way in nature we listen.

After he spoke to the Presence he sat and LISTENED. IT knew when he was done. HE knew when it was time to listen.

He did

He listened to the Presence that spoke without words. He and billions like him would later describe it simply as “the wind” or “the sound of a stream of water”

When it was done,

It was gone

HE was gone.

It was what happens when your Mother gives you a gentle nudge to change your life. In this case, a gentle push with the voice of the wind and water.

It became a phenomenon after that.

Suddenly people would HAVE to stop what they were doing and talk until they were crying and laughing,

Or suddenly,

Sit or stand as-if listening.

Listening to the voice of the wind

or Waters

or Whatever sound of nature applied to them

giving them COMFORT


…. As only the voice of a Mother could.

There was mass confusion and some panic at first. Governments feared it was a plague, mass insanity or mind control. People were rounded-up and interrogated. They all described the experience of the Presence much the same all over the world:

Troubled and confused.


Anxious fearful.



Wanting to do bad to others and the world

Doing giving pain and hurt.

A pause in life

the faintest feeling of a wordless … YEARNING

(and IT was there,


feeling me


even…       loving me as nobody or anything ever had)

They described IT as the presence of a universal idealistic loving caring nurturing MOTHER Presence. Something born and buried in all of us as the seed we are in the womb, sprouting within a mother but as children of varieties of Mothers in this world, all much the same. Even those that had been orphans and never known a REAL mother knew THIS Presence. It came from that seed of a human they once were. That seed of a human we all ARE often untapped or hidden inside. This Presence was all good compassionate, caring, empathetic but most of all…


Once touched by that Presence people were changed.

Changed as any child is after a good hug and talk with their mother.

Changed with the laughter and smile of a mother that goes for a walk with you hand in hand.

Authorities were baffled by this.

Mass psychosis?

Some Religious leaders embraced it and tried to co-opt it for their own ways and beliefs calling it GOD’S LIGHT ON EARTH!

Others Religious leaders said it was the work of THE DEVIL! They claimed that all that felt and were changed by the Presence were touched by the Devil and need to be destroyed IN THE NAME OF GOD!

Yet when the first were summoned to be put to death, they smiled, peacefully. They did not protest. They FELT something that could not be summoned by anything other than an individuals yearning for IT. Thus, as the first were to be executed, they felt something. Felt shame for what they were about to do and cried like children some even babbling, “I’m sorry momma!” in their many different languages within their many different yet similar religions. After they cried, they… LISTENED. Those about to die heard the faintest breeze flowing through them and that breeze that stream became a voice to the Executioner.

The Executioners.

Became with those about to die.

MORE executioners were called

The prisons became full,

The jailers became prisoners]

The religious leaders calling for death panicked and in their panic,

their fear

their terror…

A quiet presence came to them and …

Suddenly they felt a need to confide in their Mother.

Those that sought to kill for their god

saw a new god or what they called a new god from a moment with a Presence and the sound of a wind or stream that flowed through them.

There were some who felt their lives were ruined because they felt all they believed was wrong and tried to kill themselves…

At the moment of death they could not stop reaching from that deep dark clean cool stream inside

They could not push away the gentle breeze that pulled them up,

That listened.

Felt Them.


Forgave and LOVED them.

Their were those that tried to say that the Presence was the “Holy Spirit”.


Or something supernatural.

(It was not

It was a natural process from and within us all. Innocent and clean of all the pollution of humanities myth making.

It was the most primal force of Positive in us all:

It Is

It Was


There were those that tried to call it a “higher power” but it was not. It was not supernatural. Perhaps the simplest way to explain it was,


Many tried to create religions around The Presence with names like, CHURCH OF THE HOLY MOTHER. Or, TEMPLE OF THE UNIVERSAL PRESENCE.

They failed abysmally.

The Presence had no leaders no clergy no holy people. No hierarchy. No politics.

Men and women would appoint themselves as preachers and teacher of IT … without having been present with the Presence. They spoke many words but those that had felt the wind inside or the stream knew it was all wrong. Good intentions but a fundamental flaw in it all:

The Presence did not speak.

The Presence was FELT and simply KNOWN.

Like those that had called IT the work or spirit of the Devil, those that tried to use it for their own agendas soon found their congregations leaving them. There were (in the language of the religious) “SINS”.

Sins of Anticipation.

Sins of Desire.

Sins of Expectation.

Finally, a Sin of Disappointment because all they WANTED did not come to them as they DESIRED. Once they left the places of worship bitter and disillusioned that natural yearning and reaching arose from them from that lonely deep place inside. The formless presence was like the hand of a universal mother that … LISTENED and it dawned on them, they became AWARE of it BECAUSE OF THAT SILENCE OF LISTENING and in that listening they felt a…


They did not need any lecture

nor any holy book study.

It rose from that depths inside.

Be good

Do no harm.

Be kind.




(With a slight humor without any threat a gentle nudge to

“please do not betray your Mother in this”)

That is how all were changed.

Religious institutions vanished.

People stared at their phones and screens less and less.

They looked at each other

They felt open to the beauty in life – as they had once been so open to it as children.

The politicians and military leaders tried to wall themselves off from IT. Fearing it. Fearing their lack of control over the people. They were horrified that their militaries troops no longer saw each other as OTHER or adversaries but as…

Children Of A Universal Mother.

Eventually, alone with themselves and their deepest self minds, the Leaders felt the Presence. Many could not lead

But JOIN instead.

They could not speak dishonestly

They could not perpetrate cruelty.

They could not do harm or ask others do to it.

Yet others DID lead.

They put forth laws to help the masses of humanity and the planet. All life forms. Those Others that had heard and felt the wind and stream inside and known the Mother Presence joined across the world across the borders to work with each other for all common GOOD.

That is how the world ended.

Not with many bangs or booms or the slow screams of the billions.

Not with burning of an over heating planet.

Not with religious wars

But with the end of religion,

The end of Militaries

The end of over heating and polluting the planet.

With the embrace of Diversity

The End of perception of Us and Them

The Embrace of WE as formerly Us and Them.

The simple deep question in us all of,

“What would our Mother Presence want us now?

A moment of Reaching deep into that stream deep within us all,

Often FEELING that stream in Others that once experienced became “WE” and not “the others”.

The Presence would be felt as the Will for the common and universal good for ALL.

That is how in this narrative the world ended and began.

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