If you have suffered 



had days and nights of screaming until your voice leaves with the last scream, 

If you have ever gone down and feared you’d never rise



wanting to be dying

then stopped your crying

wanted to laugh and be living

remembered for a moment a weed in a sidewalk crack rising reaching for the sun,

(and envied it

and then found yourself becoming it in your own life and way)


Then you know, 

looking back

there’s a seed

a reason in seed

to know and feel you have just a little

or a lot

of PTSD in you.


Having suffered so much and got past it

past those shaking recurring moments of disorientation and panic

you got that far

this far now

and you can handle anything else that comes your way

Because you’ve BEEN THERE

lived the pain

dried the tears

and climbed up out of the cracks in life and opened your soul shining to embrace the sun. 

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