A couple days ago grocery shopping, I saw a display of flowers and house plants. I have a weakness for such. I always have to go to them, look at them…

Like some people will do with pet shops.

Mentally I imagine I FEEL the plants
(Or maybe I imagine it)
I look around fearing someone may hear me hear the voice of my mind and
Talk to the plants
LISTEN to them
Hearing or imagining their pain
Sending plant voices out to passersby
Like dogs barking in a pet store
Cats meowing
Birds calling…
But without that desperate fear you hear and feel in a pet store.

In a place of plants I feel a peacefulness with the loneliness.
Zen brilliance humility acceptance.
I imagine too…
Plant voices calling to me in plant human voices, “hey you! Look at me! Hey! PICK ME CHOOSE ME GET ME OUT OF HERE THE STENCH OF DELI FRIED CHICKEN IS SUFFOCATING ME!”
(So I imagine).

Yesterday, broken ass dragging confused disoriented I got out of work early and went back to the grocery store.

You know?
And end up with 5 other things.

Including a new pet.


I went back to the plants.
I was called back.
Impulsively I picked one up believing it would fit in well with my other plants.
I felt it barking,
hissing at me in plant joy!


Not homeless anymore!
Damn the smell of the deli fried chicken!

I saved it and it saved me.
My back pain eased
I felt clarity come back to mind
I felt that little joy you feel when you find a new friend.

Today I potted the new plant. It felt good. I repotted another and gave all 20 or more water, food and attention.
It felt good.

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